Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finding a New Path

My dad died fifteen years ago today. So much has happened in the world since then. So much has changed in my life. So much has been affected by his passing. It's inevitable, time marches on and we have to adjust to the ones we love leaving us, the world constantly changing as life forces come and go leaving their impressions on us. February 28th, 1994 marked a drastic turn in my life, not a turn for either better or worse but just a turn that most all of us have to cope with at some point in our lives. The time where an avenue in your life is closed forever and you are forced to find another outlet to vent your troubles or try something on your own where before you had depended on someone else's guidance. It's how we grow emotionally, I guess, by having to adjust to life after losing someone. Truth be known, I'd rather have postponed that growing experience to have dad with me... just for a while longer.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hi Tim,

These days are so tough sometimes -- I'm with you on delaying growth and just hanging out with your loved ones! Hang in there -- my thoughts are with you!

6:22 PM  

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