Thursday, July 23, 2009

Half a Cat and a Baby in a Bottle

One of the great mysteries in this life is the dream. That bizarre voyage from one's comfortable bed to places and events never imagined in the waking hours. What meaning, if any, do dreams conceal? I'm becoming convinced that those nightly trips are more than random firing of neurons in my brain. They may or may not have any connection to our conscious life, though they probably do since people have nightmares after horrific events that happen in their lives, often reliving them over and over when they sleep.

My dreams are usually unorganized, skip around a lot, and conjure up wild fantasies that I can not see any connection to in my physical life. The ones I remember most vividly usually have an underlying ominous feeling about them, making me hope I won't fall asleep the next night. The one last night about a cat cut in half, but both halves walking - only connected by a few strands of fur, was one of those. When the strands of fur connecting the parts broke both halves of the cat fell down and died slowly. Is there a hidden clue there about something that might be going on, or possibly foretelling some sort of future? Who knows, but that part and the rest of the dream had a sense of evil, lurking just out of sight, waiting to explode on the scene. There was no horror show climax however, just that feeling of dread upon awakening, with a whole day to dwell on it.

I know people down through the ages have interpreted dreams and maybe if I had the time I'd delve into some of their findings, but for now I'll just keep closing my eyes and hope that my journey into dreamland is a peaceful one.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hi Tim,
Hope your Saturday is going well! I agree --dreams tend to bleed into day in disturbing ways. Hope tonight you have nothing but sweet dreams!

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