Monday, October 31, 2011


This has definitely not been one of the best years of my life. I haven't written for a couple of months, and a lot has happened since.The wedding which was supposed to happen a week ago never materialized, as my son's fiance decided that she wasn't ready to commit to something so permanent, leaving him confused and broken hearted. They'd been sharing an apartment since early summer, and now he's moved back home, along with all his stuff, so our house is very cluttered right now.
My wife has to have a biopsy done in a couple of weeks and most probably a hysterectomy. She's understandably nervous, as am I.
The greatest blow by far happened this past weekend, when my nephew's son, a young man destined to take his place among the intellectual leaders of the future, was killed by a supposedly self-inflicted gunshot. You rarely meet anyone as likable and intelligent as he was. His mind was always working. An engineering student, he was known to tear an old engine apart and get it running when he was still a preteen. I'm having trouble accepting his death, and am getting choked up writing about it. What a terrible thing for his family to go through.

I hope to start writing more regularly, but I've been keeping very busy with school and work and everything else going on. Maybe next time I'll have a more positive tone to my post.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Dearest Tim,

OH MY! Sounds like some sad news all around. So sorry about your nephew and your son's wedding plans. I'll be sending lots of prayers your way. xo, michelle

3:19 PM  
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