Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Funny Sight

My wife and I were at the drive-thru of the bank yesterday and saw something funny. We were waiting behind a car at the ATM and a guy walked up kinda beside our car, waiting to get to the ATM. My wife motioned for him to go ahead of us since he was an older guy and was walking with a cane. When he walked in front of us he had his back mostly toward us. His pants were partly down and his shirt was pushed up a little bit and he was wearing - I kid you not - duct tape underwear! I couldn't tell if the tape was holding together his regular underwear or if it was all made of duct tape. My wife was trying to hide a giggle until I said something about it, then she busted out laughing so hard we had to put the windows up and try to hide our faces from the bank tellers in the window right beside us. I knew duct tape was versatile, but I had never thought of it as underwear before. I'm going to go right now and fashion myself a thong.


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