Friday, July 14, 2006

A Bit Lighter

Last night we watched the movie "Eight Below" which is about a dogsled team in the Antarctic. I won't say more than that and give anything away to anyone who wants to see it but hasn't yet, but I do have to ask... Did I miss something? Am I stupid? Unlearned? Or could it be that no one else has noticed such an obvious, glaring error in the movie? I noticed it right off the bat but maybe I'm wrong. I mean, I've never been to Antarctica so I could be wrong. Here's what I'm talking about: The main part of the movie is set in the dead of winter. It takes you from the start of winter to the end of winter ... in Antarctica. I, perhaps erroneously, though that when winter set in in that region of the world there was about three months of total darkness. However, in the movie the sun was shining brightly directly overhead. And they were showing dates to help you keep track of things. The one date was July 10, which is just about three weeks past the winter solstice... and it was bright daylight... not even a dim twilight. The bulk of the show should have been set in darkness... or am I wrong? I would really like to know if I'm missing something, or if I'm just incorrect in my understanding of the polar seasons. Will someone please clarify this for me? I just can't believe they would produce the movie and not realize such an obvious blunder.

In other news it's hot, humid and stormy off and on. Luckily we had central air put in when we got the furnace. HA HA!! Yes, we had it put in, but they never came back to hook it up and turn it on. I've seen the guy several times and he always says "I think we'll get to that next week". Then a few weeks later "Next week for sure". Well, the furnace was installed in February, and here it is, July and still no air conditioning. Good thing we kept the window air conditioners we thought we wouldn't need.

I just realized that soon there will be a mountain of bills coming our way, thanks to the fact that we have a son who will be a senior this year. There are expenses all the time for the last year of school, plus so much to keep track of for when he starts college. The pictures will be the first expense and that will be soon. I need to win the lottery.


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