Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nice weekend

Today was Father's Day and I didn't want or expect anything but the wife and kids were great. Went out to eat then to a movie with the wife and youngest. I came home and my oldest gave me a nice wrench set. It's been a good day.

The movie I saw was RV. It was hilarious, everyone thought so. This was the second movie in three nights, as we went to see The Lake House Friday for our anniversary. Although I knew it was a chic flick I decided to tough it out for my wife's sake. I ended up bawling my head off cause it was so touching........yeah right. LOL Actually even my wife thought it was a little drawn out. I was hoping that with the element of time displacement that it might have some redeeming qualities, but alas it fell short. However, I would recommend RV to everyone who enjoys a good laugh.

On another front, we didn't go to closing on our land purchase Friday like we were supposed to. The reason given was that the title company wasn't through with the title search, or something like that. My wife and I both changed our work schedules around to accommodate the Friday closing deadline, and I took a vacation this coming week to work on the property. Now I don't know when the closing will happen....if ever. It seems the title people are taking their time because there is a lawsuit involving the sellers and the people who bought the property next to ours. I guess they want to make sure everything is free and clear so as to not run into the same problem those people had, which, as I understand, is that there was a mix up on the property boundaries and the people started building their house on the wrong parcel. Now they have a half-finished house sitting on land that's not theirs.... that would stink.


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