Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just scratching my head

Isn't it funny how, when things are going good and you're on a roll, things just keep getting better and better? Well that's what I've heard at least. When things get rolling for me they always seem to be heading downhill, picking up speed along the way. Right now it looks like I'm just starting down that hill again, mostly because of money matters - mainly lack of. The one good thing - at least I hope it turns out to be a good thing - is that they reset the closing date again, this time for tomorrow, about a week earlier than the last date they set. The other things going on right now; I need to build a deck on the back porch (money), need to finish the siding on the house (money), my son needs a new bed (money), my wife is having major problems with her back and neck (worry and probably lots of money), I opened the door to the basement and saw an indoor pool we didn't have before which meant that the sump pump hadn't kicked on, so I really need to fix that (money and time), and that noise the wife's van is making is getting worse (money). Oh yeah, mother-in-law called yesterday crying because she needed money. She had already spent her monthly check on cigarettes and needed money to buy something to eat so she wouldn't starve (of course she didn't say she spent her money on smokes, but with a pack a day habit it's not hard to figure where it all went). So here we go... picking up speed down a bottomless hill toward debt and despair. I sometimes wish I was a drinking person so I could drowned my troubles... not sure if that works or not but it might be worth a try... naww.. too expensive. I'll just put on a smiley face and hang on. :)


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