Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What the Heck

The last two writings I attempted to post got erased because the system was on the fritz I guess. It took me over an hour on each, and I'm sure my writings would have benefited mankind, but OH WELL, I guess they had to shut down to take a coffee break or something. Or maybe someone of a higher power didn't want me sharing the secrets of the universe with complete strangers. SOooo since I can't divulge any technological world shaking discoveries, just think...Magnetism. It's an amazing and mysterious force that science has yet to figure out.

Actually my last post was aimed at my new neighbors, and not in the kindliest of manners. I won't rewrite everything, but anyone who has lived next door to a string of renters from hell might have an idea what I have to put up with, considering our houses are so close that the eaves on the roofs overlap. My current neighbor gave me further cause for concern when I found out they were smoking pot a couple of nights ago... in a house full of kids. This has been a problem a few times before. The last people over there were nice enough, but there would suddenly be cars coming and going all day on certain days - always parking in the alley and never out front. They would even park on our garage slab(no garage left, just the concrete floor) while they went inside to 'visit'. It didn't take long to figure they were selling the stuff out of their house. I won't go into a lot about the new neighbors other than to say I'm keeping a worrisome eye on them. There are indications things could get volatile if the wrong situations arose.


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