Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ash Wednesday

For the last few days I've been trying to update my account and haven't been able to. Today I finally got through.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent, which means - for us Catholics - that we give up something we love for the duration. We have a tradition that we give up pop (soda or cola if you prefer) as a family. I also give up eating meat, and this year I'm going to try to give up sweets too. That would be a monumental sacrifice for me, but I'll see if I have the willpower. I don't drink a lot of pop, so that's not going to bother me much, and- although I get very tempted by the smell of meat cooking for the rest of the family- I can go without it until Easter. But the cookies, doughnuts, cake, pie and all the variations of the sugary delight family will be a big give up.

There usually aren't that many people at mass on Ash Wednesday, but last night the church was full. Since we got there right before it started I grabbed the first pew that I thought looked like it would fit us all in. Turns out it was one space short of fitting us comfortably, so four of us were jammed in it with me getting dirty looks from my wife, then afterward she pointed out that there was an empty pew toward the front we should have sat in. Oh well.


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Those are huge sacrifices! I couldn't give up drinking Coke as we said in the south or sweets. Meat, as much as I love it, would be easier. I'm giving up bitter thoughts about a few people and trying to send them thoughts of forgivness. Chocolate is too difficult!

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