Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Leave the Scene

Here are a couple of safety tips for you.
1) When burning trash out in the open, make sure it's not a windy day.
2) If you do burn trash in the open on a windy day, make sure it's not near a hill of dry grass.
3) If you do burn trash in the open on a windy day and it's close to a hill of dried grass, make sure there are no witnesses and make sure you can get away swiftly.

Guess what I was doing today. How did you know? Yep, those boxes of old bills I gathered up the other day went out to the country with me and I decided to get rid of them, with it being a nice but slightly windy day. Slightly windy turned into gale force winds almost as soon as I started to put some of my papers in the fire. Of course it also started blowing all the papers all over the place. By "the papers" I mean all my old bills, cancelled checks, lots of things with personal information which could be used to steal my identity... or blackmail me. So while I was trying to round all those up the wind blew parts of the fire over onto the box of papers, igniting the whole thing at once, blowing burning pieces of paper toward the hill which, today, is a hill of dry weeds and grass.... with the neighbor's new house sitting on top of the hill. With the fire being driven to a raging fury by the wind I thought it might be a good time to head on home and maybe act surprised when someone knocked on my door, telling me my land was just incinerated by someone starting a fire. I would start cursing the hooligans responsible for destroying my little piece of heaven. Then I thought about all those papers with my name and address which would be scattered all over the hillside, evidence pointed squarely at me. So I decided to stay and get it under control, which I did. Then I thought it might just be a good idea to put the whole thing out, so I doused it and got it all out, and guess what. The wind stopped... the second I had it out. That's the way things go for me most of the time.

I also collected some more sap from the maple trees I tapped, and I should have some more syrup tomorrow. I boiled one batch down already and got about a pint of syrup from about three gallons of sap. It's a lot of work for just the little bit that you get, but it's fun, and hopefully next year I can get more organized, tap more trees, and make enough to sell.

Blogger is still screwing me up, so I still can't leave comments for people, or post videos, or other things, but I still read all my favorite blogs everyday.

Oh yeah... I think Spring might be close. It was almost 70 degrees today! I'm excited.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

If you're still having trouble, I think you might have to sign in with your blogger e-mail or something. I knew mine was giving me grief for a long time and that's what the deal was. I hate computers when they don't do what I want them to! :)

12:07 PM  

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