Thursday, April 10, 2008

Empty Bottles in the Fridge

I guess maybe we weren't very good parents when it came to teaching our kids to do things like pick up after themselves. As I sit here looking at dirty glasses and dishes sitting throughout the house, and piles of laundry which still hasn't been put away by the rightful owners I realize that whatever my child-rearing strategies were, they just plain failed. All three of my sons' rooms are death traps most of the time, and they could care less. No one bends over to pick anything up from the floor, and a lot of times it seems like no one knows what a trash can is for. Just today I took two empty bottles out of the refrigerator, and it's not unusual to find empty bowls that have been put back in there. How did things get this bad?
Even as I look forward to a grandson in a week I can't help but wonder how my son will ever be able to raise him to be a responsible person since I've obviously failed him in the same objective. This, the same son who was awarded the highest honor in Boy Scouts, leaves his dirty clothes scattered around the house and lifts not one finger to do any chores.

I love my family, but sometimes I have to look at things from several different angles to find that love.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Love the title of this post! It's very meaningful and cool. I'm looking around my office right now and see two empty yogurt containers that need to be thrown away. My thing is that I'm either super neat or things fall apart. Got to clean today! So your grandchild will be born next week -- that's so cool! A Taurus, I hope, the very best sign -- ha!

12:14 PM  

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