Sunday, May 14, 2006

Moving Forward

We got back the recent offer we made on the property we're trying to buy and the seller accepted it, so now we have a couple more things to do before going to closing. Since we got pre-approved for the loan I'm hoping that part goes through smoothly. We did get the two additional acres so it's seven total. I can't wait to get things going so I can get started on doing things that I want to do.

In other news it was Prom night last night and middle son and his girlfriend were looking sharp and ready to have fun. I guess he had a good time - he's working and I haven't seen him all day but my wife said he told her all about it. She took a few pictures of them before they went... as you can see, my son tries not to smile when he's having his picture taken... he doesn't think it's manly or something like that I guess. But he was grinning a lot... I think he liked being all dressed up and walking around looking spiffy.


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