Friday, May 26, 2006

School Days

The summer is almost here and school is almost out for the kids. That's a good thing because I really hate the hassle of getting the kids up every day, fighting for the bathroom, looking for homework, looking for clothes, etc. How my mom managed her way through the school year with nine kids is nearly impossible for me to comprehend, as the two I have still in school are making me an old man fast. Summer is a welcome occurrence for me, although now that I'm older it passes by so quickly that it's August before I know it and I'm depressed that the kids will be starting back soon. I would love to be able to quit my job for the season and have all summer to do whatever I want. I should have been a teacher. :(

One thing that does keep me in the summertime spirit is baseball. Although I don't get to play much anymore I can still watch and listen to the Indians games... when my wife lets me. There's nothing quite like a hot summer night with a game on the radio and a fishing pole in your hand. If you are a quick thinking person you might have caught that I didn't say "a fishing pole in one hand and a cold Bud Light in the other".... yes, sadly I still haven't attained my goal of fitting in with the Redneck socialites because of my lack of a drinking problem. Darn my wholesome upbringing! I think there are some things we just weren't meant to achieve, like being a millionaire or a hillbilly. The millionaire part I'm getting close to... if you count how much in debt I'm getting. But to be a redneck good ol' boy is something you can't just decide to become one day. Most people are either born that way or have a special knack of fitting in that I've spent years trying to duplicate - with no success, although my myriad of uses for duct tape certainly should count for something. Anyway, I've found that I can still enjoy a good game of baseball and for three hours not even think about the fact that I'm a "city slicker". Hope your summer gets off to a great start!