Friday, May 19, 2006

Blame it on the Weather

It's been a "blah" kind of a week. We went to the surveyor's Tuesday to tell them to add two more acres to the land we're buying and to bill it to us. So yesterday (Thursday) we got the new platte map and an invoice in the mail! I was thinking "Great! They really got that done quick!!". So I gave the broker - that we're getting the loan through - a call and told him it was all ready for the appraiser to go out and look at it. He was mightily surprised, also, that they got it done that fast. Then my wife and I drove out to see what our land looked like with the added two acres. Well guess what... it looked exactly the same as before. The pins and stakes hadn't been moved. So today I called and asked what was going on and the surveyor said it wouldn't be repinned until next week some time. Sooo... I called the broker back and told him not to get the appraiser just yet. Oh, and I think we're going to get stuck with yet another thing to pay for, and that's the transfer of the deed. The seller is really making out on this deal because so far the only thing they've chipped in is for the survey of the original property, which was supposed to have been done before they put it on the market. I think we have to pay all the closing costs too... our realtor kinda sorta not quite said something about them paying them, but he didn't want to write that into the offer so I think we're hung with them.

Other than that it's been a dreary, dismal week of rain, clouds, thunderstorms, cold temps and...did I mention rain?


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