Monday, July 17, 2006

Does God Really Care?

Too much of the fighting in the world has been done because of differences in religious beliefs. This is the cause of almost all of the wars in the Middle East, although the religion issue is often clouded by other happenings. I'm sure that God didn't have an all-out brawl over petty differences in mind when he told mankind to worship Him. Power, Control, Wealth...These are the things that are really sought when one group wages war against another to "glorify" their God. I was never sure about end-of-the-world prophesies , but considering that mankind has lost its humanity I'm certain we are all headed for an abrupt and probably horrifying end to our reign as caretakers of Mother Earth. Even an atheist would have to agree that the human race cannot continue to exist for long, as our society structures are rapidly breaking down, leading to chaos and eventual destruction.

I think the closest we will ever be to being like God is when we were young. We had not yet learned that others who looked different or worshipped differently than us were treated in a different manner. We didn't think about going to war against them because they weren't the same as us because at that age the differences that you saw didn't make them any less of a person, they were just different and you played with them because they were just another kid...Another human being, just like you.


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