Tuesday, August 08, 2006

And One Pill Makes You Small

Not so depressed today. I had the day off work so that always helps. I went out to my land and worked for a couple of hours. While I was gone I bombed the house with bug bomb, hoping to get rid of all those nasty little fruit flies that have been irritating me for weeks. I just went to take the trash out and as I lifted the bag out a few of them buzzed up out of it, so they must be hardier beasts than the previous ones I terminated.
Really not much else going on. It wasn't as hot and humid today so it was pretty nice working outside. I hope it's the same tomorrow so that maybe I can make a hiking trail around my land. That'll help me and the rest of the family get into shape. Oh, and my wife talked to the construction company about building and we found out that they don't do the excavation for the house, so we'll have to have that done. Another big expense. Oh well.


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