Saturday, July 22, 2006

Still Got It

When I was younger one of my loves was shooting. I was a crack shot with a rifle and pretty fair with a shotgun too. But I hadn't fired a gun in about 12 years so I figured I had lost some of my sharpness. I inherited a .22 rifle that dad owned and have had it in the closet for the last 10 or 11 years until my oldest son got into shooting, then I let him take it to shoot with, but hadn't shot it myself since I really had no place to go to shoot. Last week I took my youngest out to our land and brought the rifle along so we could shoot a little bit. We went out again today with my oldest son along too and did a lot more target shooting. I surprised myself, blasting cans, targets, and bottle caps like I knew what I was doing. It felt great to be out doing that after so many years, and even better to know that even though my eyesight isn't what it used to be it didn't affect me that much. I also got to see what a great shot my oldest son has become. He took the Law Enforcement program in the career center he went to and always got the highest scores when they went out shooting, so I knew he was pretty good but he might even be better than the old man. He was blowing away targets shooting his assault rifle from the hip.

In other news, my youngest leaves for Boy Scout Camp tomorrow for a week. It's his first year going as a Boy Scout, so it'll be a little tougher for him but I hope he has fun. I'm worried, of course, that something will happen. Bears, cougars, rattlesnakes and the occasional Sasquatch roam around that camp preying on first-year scouts that stray away from the pack. Well maybe not, but there are a lot of other things for a parent to worry about. Right now I'm worried that he has everything packed. There's always something that the kids forget when they go.

Still other news; I've been going to add a deck to my house for the last year or so, but still haven't done it. Every time I think I'll get started on it I see something else that I need to do before I get started. They changed the building codes where I live, so now I need a detailed outline of my plans so I can get a permit. I also found out that I need a permit to make a driveway on my land, along with a permit to do just about anything else I can think of. I can tell that building a house is going to involve a lot of paperwork. When did things get so complicated?


Blogger Sheryl said...

My first (and only) year at Girl Scout camp, I ended up with an ear infection to beat the band. It was probably the most miserable week of my life. I couldn't swim, just moving hurt my head, and they wouldn't let me go home. And my unit didn't even get to have a campfire or a cookout.

Yeah, those should be comforting thoughts as your youngest leaves

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