Thursday, August 10, 2006

And the Ones That Mother Gives You

I'm getting ready to go out and work on the hiking trail I started on yesterday. I got about half of it done, which is more than I thought I would. Also burned some brush while I was out there, making a huge fire, which is always nice to sit around on a summer night.
I've been thinking a lot about my kids today and how things change no matter how much you tell yourself they won't. When they were little there were always hugs and kisses and plenty of "I love you"'s. But as they get older and have different demands it gets hard to show them just how much you really care and how much you love them even more. They view discipline as something which proves that parents hate their kids when they get older. I felt about the same at their age I guess, and it was awkward for me to show my parents how much I appreciated all they sacrificed for me and all of us kids. I think it took my mother's sudden death to make me realize that there were so many things I should have told her and would never be able to.
My youngest is 11 and I can still communicate with him well, but in a few years he'll be going through the same pubescent pulling- away that the other two have, and then I'll probably really be feeling old.
Last year just about this time - well in a couple of weeks it'll be a year - my oldest son was a part of what would become a nerve-wracking heart- wrenching situation for us. He was 19 at the time and had just started a new job with a tree trimming service. He had been there a couple of weeks and the area that he was working in was about an hour or more away from home. This was a worry at first for me since he had never been very far from home on his own except for going to Boy Scout Camp, and I worried about him driving that far every day. Then last August 26th he got a call from work saying to be ready to leave the next day for Florida because there was a hurricane heading that way named Katrina. So off he went, and for me a lot of anxiety and worry. At the time I was worried about snakes and alligators which get washed inland during a hurricane, and generally just him being so far from home. Little did I know then that those worries would be laughable compared to what lay ahead in the next days and weeks.
It's getting late now so I'll finish this next time.


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