Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Force is Strong in You

I feel like watching Star Wars. I haven't seen any of the movies for a few months now and I think I'm having some sort of withdraw. Back in my younger days when most 18 year olds were out getting drunk and sowing oats I was meditating and trying to harness the invisible energy field that flows through all living beings. I spent many productive hours in the furniture store where I was working at the time focusing my inner strengths to try to use The Force to move sofas, chairs, and dining room sets without laying a finger on them. Having failed at that I settled on staring at a foam cup - since that was a little lighter than a couch - and using my Jedi abilities to knock it off the table, which I succeeded in doing with The Force that guided my fingers to flick it on it's side. Powerful Jedi was I.... yes... powerful. I could never understand why my boss lady didn't appreciate me trying to perfect my skills in the back room of that furniture store. My Jedi mind tricks didn't work on her, so I knew the Dark Side had her in it's clutches. Pure evil... that's what she emitted.
Anyway, since that time I've realized that I can only let The Force flow through me, bending it ever so slightly to do my bidding from time to time, but never taking control and becoming a mystic, powerful wizard like Obi Wan. But.... every so often I need to go back and watch the movies to see if I've missed a vital detail that will help attain my desired Jedi status. Maybe tomorrow night I'll fire up the ion converters and venture to a galaxy far far away.


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