Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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School is in for the kids and, as it is every year, it's hard to get them to change their summer routine of staying up late and sleeping in. Also, trying to get a homework rhythm going is a struggle. Sponge Bob, The Simpsons and King of the Hill are a definite distraction when it comes to study time, as I find myself unable to move from in front of the tv to help with homework. I mean the kids... Watch... Those shows.... not me of course.
Met with a contractor the other day at the land, hoping he'd give us some info about where we can build. What he told us was pretty discouraging. Since most of the land is a reclaimed strip mine there isn't a lot of virgin earth to work with. That presents a costly problem for building on the hill, like we had wanted to do. With the extra materials involved, extra labor and engineering costs we're looking at probably an additional $30,000 to $50,000 to build there. Since our checkbook balance usually hovers around $12.73 that's a major setback. The option is to see if the flat bottom part of the land has been reclaimed also, and if not then there's no problem building there... well, fewer problems I should say. We might still run into slippage from the hillside and drainage problems, so we might just scrap the building idea in favor of looking for a house that's ready to move into. I want to keep the land though, because of the peacefulness and beauty out there. I still have a lot of plans for it.
I've been sick for the last week and a half. Some kind of flu or something. I can't remember ever being this weak when I've been sick. At work I'm totally exhausted by days end and just want to come home and relax the rest of the night. That doesn't always work out though. I'm feeling a little better today but just got a little nauseous writing this. Maybe it was when I hit the part about how much it's going to cost to build. Yeah, I think that was it.
My oldest son was looking forward to going to Florida to do some clean-up work when Ernesto hits, but it looks like it might not be very bad at all. That's a good thing for the Floridians, and I hope it doesn't hit them hard. As of this writing it is headed for the Keys.
Well, MIL needs some money so I have to go get some to her before she calls again. Later!


Blogger Coloratura said...

MILs... sigh... not borrowing money is another thing I will put on my 'not to be done when I am one' list... not that I'd ever do that any way... hope I get to be one one day... and I hope you figure out something good to do with that land. It sounds wonderful....

5:09 PM  
Blogger Good Wife said...

Hope you're feeling better! Being sick is always a drag, especially in the summer.


6:22 PM  

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