Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day

Although it hasn't been happy for me so far. My computer crashed and I've spent the most of the early afternoon reformatting it. I need a new computer! I'll put that on my needs list for when I hit the lottery. In the meantime I have to try to find everything that I saved on discs and try to put them back on my hard drive. At least I have the day off to tinker around with it.

I was thinking about some of the friendships I've had, past and present, and I realize that I never seem to maintain friendships with females for very long. Umm... no, that's not exactly what I want to say... I guess relationships with women are very different than with men. With my male friends I can go without seeing them for months or years and the next time we meet we start talking like we always did. With women I can never tell what my status is... whether we are just casual friends or if it's something more lasting. I'd had a few who have told me their secrets like I was their best pal, only to walk past me without a word the next time I see them. Since this has happened more than once I've concluded that: A) Either I was mistaken about the depth of our relationship, or B) Women in general are fickle beasts, or C) I am boring or otherwise turn women off after so long. Probably a combination of those things, but it definitely affects the way I approach things . I'm very distrusting of women now, which is a way I don't like to be because I'm an open person by nature. I guess I was raised to see someone as an honest, true person until they gave me a reason to believe otherwise. It took me awhile to see that a lot of people seem to be that way but are really guarded about themselves and don't trust me. I think women in particular because they are more vulnerable and therefore are naturally more cautious about their relationships. My wife isn't really that way, but maybe birthing three boys gave her some extra testosterone and she's now half man or something. As long as she doesn't grow a pair of hairy hangers I guess it works out good. Anyway, I was thinking about girl I was very close to (I thought so anyway) for about 11 years who I haven't heard from in over two years and that got me to writing this.

Ok, I got done reformatting about an hour ago now I'm getting all these registry repair popups that I forget how to get rid of. Guess I'll have to go find out what I did the last time, maybe I can get this thing running again.


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