Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Ohio does not have a large bear population, and in fact it is very rare to see any in this part of the state at all. Nevertheless, over the last week there have been three separate instances of bear sightings in this area, but far enough apart that it wasn't the same bear. One of those was when a bear came into Tuscora Park on a busy day and scared quite a few people. The police followed it and videotaped it through the streets as it made its way back to the woods. One of the other sightings was just a couple of miles from my land, which is exciting to me. I'd love to see one, although I'd keep my distance, especially if it is a mother with cubs. Any woman is dangerous, but when they have claws that can rip you from asshole to appetite you have to be extra careful.
We don't have many predatory animals at all around here really. There are coyotes and a few bobcats and even a cougar once, but all rarely seen. The cougar was one that had been a pet and escaped. It made a big stir for a long time, with people calling to report seeing it from all over the place, sometimes as far as fifty miles apart at around the same time. I know they're fast animals, but I think most people were mistaking their neighbor's house cat for the ferocious beast. When I was just a couple of years out of school a neighbor shot a huge boa constrictor that was more than ten feet long. That one is still a mystery, as it appeared in a field out in the middle of the country. Most people knew everyone else and anyone having something like that for a pet would surely have been well known.
You just never know what kind of beasts lurk in the tall grasses of the world, whether it be in the forested countryside or the inner city, which might hold the most dangerous of creatures.

It's day #3 for me being mostly home alone with the wife and youngest son on vacation. The other two come and go, but are mostly gone so I usually have the house to myself. A sure sign that I'm getting old... I could be using this time to watch all kinds of internet porn, but I'd rather be working on things around the house. Something just isn't right with this picture.


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Hey Tim,

Being in the house mostly alone is such an odd feeling when you're used to lots of people, I think. It's a weird sort of quiet. But I'm sure you're making good use of it! Have fun this weekend!

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