Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rolling Along

Still lots going on around here, so I have no time to sit and write anything profound or witty ( as if I ever have before). But the sun is shining and all the drab brown of the outdoors has given way to a blanket of green, with everything growing at fantastic speed, especially the weeds in my garden and the grass I haven't had time to mow. My bathroom project is coming along, slowly but steadily. Last week I had a septic system installed at the land, and also had some leveling done and a driveway put in, so my mostly undisturbed land now shows signs of becoming an actual homestead someday.

My son and his girlfriend are working things out, I think. They brought the baby over last week and I got to see him for only the second time since he was born. Unfortunately I've had a bad cold and wasn't able to hold him, but grandpa is going to make up for it next time. I'm starting to feel like a grandpa now, in a good way. This baby is going to carry on my name, and when I realize that I kind of get a satisfactory feeling about the grandparent thing.

I'm hoping to stick some pictures on here of the baby, the new driveway, my weed & rock garden, the new bathroom and maybe a whole bunch of my new septic tank. Just kidding... I'd never put pictures of my garden on here.


Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Love the last line --ha! I once did a cartwheel to show off and ended up landing in a septic tank and bruising my face pretty badly. So much for the glamour! I hope you are still watching the playoffs and have shifted your loyalties to the Pistons even though I know the Cavs are great. Love to watch Lebron in that Vitamin Water commercial! Anyway, that's great about your grandson --it takes time for that stuff to work out, but it almost always does and I bet your namesake will be over at your house 24/7 before too long. Hope you're having a good middle of the week! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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