Monday, October 18, 2010

Still Waiting For the Scare

Pay no attention to that fool at the messy desk.
I used to have a full-grown beard when I first met my wife, some 29 years ago. Since then I've had jobs that required me to be clean-shaven (mustache allowed only). Now that I have no such restrictions I thought it might be interesting top see if I could still grow a beard, or if all those years of shaving had trained my face to sprout about a 1/8" growth then stop. But, after four weeks, it looks like I remembered how to add some winter insulation (and cover up that second chin that's appeared from nowhere). I'm surprised it came in as dark as it did, considering that the hair on my head is an ever-increasing shade of gray (my facial hair must not have gotten the memo since that department has been only recently reactivated).
Anyhow, we spent the night at the cabin Saturday and had a good time. I hadn't seen my grandson in a couple of weeks, and when he came he dragged me into the cabin to play with him - sitting outside by the fire just wasn't his thing when he had toys in the cabin. As usual, he made me get my achy bones on the floor and play, but I wasn't complaining one bit.

After everyone else went home we watched spooky movies until we fell asleep. It is just me, or are most of the really good horror movies the ones from years past? The three we watched were predictable and pretty boring. It seems most of today's movies concentrate on showing a lot of blood instead of trying to provide you with that suspenseful scare. Blood doesn't frighten me, or nauseate me, so those films are - for the most part- boring. But I saw that Friday the Thirteenth movies are on starting tonight, so I'll catch some of those. At least the first few of those were sufficiently scary.


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