Sunday, December 05, 2010

Thinking Out Loud Again

I watched a show on tv last night about the development of life as we know it, and about other life forms that we never realized were sharing this existence with us. A scientist had discovered microorganisms living in soil deposits rich in life-destroying arsenic. These organisms weren't fazed by the introduction of arsenic 100 times more concentrated than the amount in which they were found living. They had RNA that was completely different from all other life on earth.
This reinforces an idea that's been kicking around in my mind; that everything we see is some form of life, whether it be a pile of dirt, a rock, or a barren moon orbiting a planet. I suppose you could substitute the word "energy" for life, because all life is a form of energy, but maybe it's the other way around ,too. Maybe the stars we see are actually complex beings with their own dance of life which is far too complicated for humans to try to comprehend. I'm betting that even in the vacuum of space life can be found, if we knew how to search for it.

So what's this mean? Have I abandoned my religion in favor of some "Big Bang" kind of theory about the origin of life? No. In fact, thinking like this only solidifies my belief in a Supreme Creator for two reasons:
1) If I dwelled on trying to search for how and why we are here at this time in this place I would literally go insane. For almost all questions we ask there is an answer waiting somewhere if we only look hard enough, but the question of what life is and where it came from is one of those that do not have a concrete answer, only theories with no proof. Therefore, I choose to have faith that either; all will be revealed in time or, none of my questions will be relevant when I die because the afterlife will be something so extraordinary that comparing it to earthly measures is impossible.
2)Even if it's found that there are many different structures of what would be considered life, I still believe that there is someone orchestrating everything down to each individual detail, and my actions play a part in the overall scheme of things. I've been given an understanding of the rights and wrongs of the human part of that scheme and it's my job to try to live my life in the way that seems to be the right one according to my understandings, and to be answerable for those actions at the end of this life.

I see the discovery of new life forms as something exciting, though I doubt that we, as mere humans, can ever connect the dots to get a full picture of the development of life as we've come to know it. So I guess I'll go on worshipping the same god and every now and then stop and marvel when another of His creations is revealed.


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