Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Being Un-American Makes Me More American

I guess there's an election this year, or so I gather from all the increased phone calls I'm getting asking me to take a "brief survey" on the state of affairs of one or another of Obama's programs. I have no clue how his health care plan is going to affect me, or whether his plan to rid the U.S. of hatchback cars makes him a Communist or not. Truth is, I never pay attention to the news unless its by accident or something grabs my attention. As a Catholic member of this nation, I should be up in arms about the plan to require insurance coverage for abortion for everyone. Yes, in principle I think its wrong to make organizations pay and provide for something that goes against their beliefs. However, don't try to debate the issue with me because I only know anything about it because it was talked about in church... I haven't researched it like I should be doing, being a Catholic AND an American who has a vote to place for those who agree with my views. Unfortunately, I have no viewpoint on a lot of important issues that I'm sure are out there waiting for someone as wise as me to offer input to sway the masses toward the right decision. The fact is, and I think the same can be said for too many people in this country, I'm becoming someone who settles for whatever happens, feeling that I'm in no position to make a difference. Yes, I do vote at almost every election, but rarely do I study the issues beforehand. Usually, I read the proposal while I'm in the ballot booth and make split second decisions that cause the city to enact a 2% tax on all residents possessing striped running shoes. I think there are a lot of people out there like me, who just don't bother to get informed about anything. But then I've never bothered to check the polls, so I could be wrong.