Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rolling Along

Still lots going on around here, so I have no time to sit and write anything profound or witty ( as if I ever have before). But the sun is shining and all the drab brown of the outdoors has given way to a blanket of green, with everything growing at fantastic speed, especially the weeds in my garden and the grass I haven't had time to mow. My bathroom project is coming along, slowly but steadily. Last week I had a septic system installed at the land, and also had some leveling done and a driveway put in, so my mostly undisturbed land now shows signs of becoming an actual homestead someday.

My son and his girlfriend are working things out, I think. They brought the baby over last week and I got to see him for only the second time since he was born. Unfortunately I've had a bad cold and wasn't able to hold him, but grandpa is going to make up for it next time. I'm starting to feel like a grandpa now, in a good way. This baby is going to carry on my name, and when I realize that I kind of get a satisfactory feeling about the grandparent thing.

I'm hoping to stick some pictures on here of the baby, the new driveway, my weed & rock garden, the new bathroom and maybe a whole bunch of my new septic tank. Just kidding... I'd never put pictures of my garden on here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gripe Day

There's a debate going on in the nearby city of Canton which calls for jail time and a heavy fine for anyone issue a second violation of the high grass law. I think all cities go too far with these stupid laws, but jail time takes the cake.

The fact that Obama bin Laden, or whatever his name is, might actually be our next president scares me. I read where he's only served an actual 143 working days as senator. His views are not in line with what's good for the country, in my opinion.

Hillary hasn't dropped out yet. That worries me just as much.

The Saudis are raising gas prices all the time to stick it to us. What happened to all the Iraqi oil that we went to war over? Since we've conquered them shouldn't we be getting their oil too?

The Cavs lost.

The Indians forgot how to use their bats.

The lottery hasn't made me rich yet. Its hypnotic lure of fortune draws me in every week.

I'm getting more gray hair.

I've discovered that I'm looking at girls and saying to myself "young enough to be your daughter", so I quit looking. The senile old women I sometimes laugh at are closer to my age than the young ones with the long legs and perky breasts.

The more work I do around the house the more I find that still needs done.

My neck has been hurting me for almost three months now. The doctor said it is a pulled muscle and will get better....eventually....if I live that long.

I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which wakes me every night with a feeling of sticking my hand in a pin cushion. I'm supposed to wear a brace when I sleep and see if that helps. One of these days I'll have to get a brace.

My oldest son will turn 22 Friday. I don't understand how that can be since he was just starting kindergarten not too long ago.

I got to see my grandson once since he was born. Not because he lives a thousand miles away, but because my son's girlfriend , ex girlfriend now I guess, is mad at my son and won't let us see him.

I spend too much time on the computer griping about everything.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Much To Do

I've been busy lately. Overly so. The bathroom project I started when I was on vacation is still ongoing. The garden I started about the same time still needs planted, and the grass at the land is desperately in need of mowing. Also, I have to get rid of a lot of junk at the old house site before they come to doze it in. I like keeping busy, but I also like playing on the computer and watching Indians and Cavs games, things I'm not getting much of a chance to do. Oh well, working at home is always preferable to working at your job, for most people.

Saturday I got to spend some time with my grandson, Jonathan, for the first time since he was born. It was great. My wife hasn't gotten to see him nearly as much as she wants, so it was a nice Mother's Day treat for her.