Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What a Laugh

I've started thinking that maybe I've been turning into a humorless old curmudgeon for the past few years. I just don't find a lot of so-called comedy funny. My wife will show me something that she's seen on Facebook or elsewhere on the internet at which she laughs uncontrollably, but I barely crack a smile. I think I've just figured out why I don't experience humor as much anymore.

I was raised through the sixties and seventies, and much of the family entertainment consisted of watching comedy shows. I was exposed to comedic genius, such as Steve Martin, John Candy, and the old Saturday Night Live show. There were the earlier greats, like Red Skelton, who could make you laugh without drawing even a PG rating and some who weren't quite as well known but carved out their own comedy niche, like Sid Caesar. Benny Hill had me rofl many times with his naughty-for-the-times humor, well before we even knew what rofl meant.
And the movies...where to even start. Vacation, Police Academy, Fast Times at Ridgemont High,Caddyshack, Strange Brew...way too many from the 80's to mention them all.

So, I've discovered that I haven't really lost my sense of humor, it's just that I compare the sex-filled, profanity laden tripe that is most prevelant today with the classics from my younger days. After experiencing so much quality entertainment from those past years I've gotten spoiled...or maybe I've just come to expect more than I should.