Thursday, February 18, 2010

And Did I Mention the Snow?

This has been a long couple of weeks since the first snowstorm hit and more and more snow kept coming. The forecast is for more snow so there's no end in sight yet. I'm starting to get tired of winter.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Memories

It's winter in Ohio so what can you expect but lots of snow, right? Oh yeah. My wife said this reminded her of winters when she was a kid and we had this much snow all the time. I remember in '78 when ( yes, the year 1978) we had a bliz ( yes, I really am that old ) zard and my brand new Camaro was buried for about a week and all I could see was the roof of it until I finally dug it out. Those were the good old days.
In '92 or '93 we had a bad snow with a couple of feet on the ground and my oldest son Steve went sled riding with some of his friends late in the afternoon, almost dusk. His brother Nathan wanted to go with him, but with him only three at the time and the older kids not wanting a tag-a-long to babysit I made him stay home. I left him watching tv while I took a shower and when I came out Nathan was nowhere to be found. I panicked. It was well below freezing and getting dark and I had no idea which way he could have gone. After circling the block looking for him I went to where Steve and his friends were sled riding. There was Nathan with the kids, coat on but no hat or boots. I wondered what kind of miracle it was that he'd found the other kids even though they were several blocks away at a place that he'd never been before. It was simple. "I followed their tracks" was his answer. I guess it was a good thing no one had shoveled the sidewalks yet.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Little Bit of Winter

Friday, February 05, 2010

Random Thoughts From a Muddled Mind

What if the reality that we live with is just a dream and when we die we wake from that dream? No I haven't been watching The Matrix and its certainly not a new concept but for some reason I've been thinking about that lately. If that's the case then who am I in real time? Do I look the same as me? Am I even human, or for that matter am I even a physical being? If life is just a dream then I should be able to do just about anything, go anywhere, be someone else. I haven't figured out how to do that yet though, so maybe this is the real deal.
Like everyone, I've had some pretty weird dreams which have been scary, funny, and sometimes insightful and futuristic (those are the ones forgotten shortly after awakening, the ones which would have make me rich from the new gadgets I dreamed up). I think I've always been me in my dreams, I don't ever remember being a girl, or someone's pet, or a can of Comet so if this existence isn't real then maybe I'll be the same when I wake up. Hopefully I'll be a much younger me when I wake up.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Down in the Dumps in a Small Town

I indicated a while back that I was pretty unhappy with my job and that hasn't changed, not for the better anyway. I was thinking; if I've gone as far as I can in the field I'm in and I'm not happy, then either my intelligence limits me so I can't go further or I'm in the wrong field. I really regret not getting a better education when I was younger because at my age my options are bleak for a career move. I'll keep pushing my kids to expand their horizons so they don't end up the same way I am. I hate being that kind of an example, but maybe that's the good that will have come from my life; to show my kids that they need to do something more with themselves.