Monday, January 26, 2009

The Crack in the Clock

I don't know whether I already went through the change of life that men do as they get older, or if I'm in the middle of that now, or if it hasn't hit me yet. I do know that I look at guys my age and think - I don't look THAT old. Then I look in the mirror at the same face that's looked back at me forever and I try to see what might be new; a wrinkle that's gotten a little deeper, a couple more gray mustache hairs, eyes that just look tired. I guess when I compare me to what I looked like twenty years ago I really do look aged. I still have ambitions for the future, and dreams of a younger man, but also there's a lack of energy that's crept up on me somewhere along the path and little aches and pains that don't go away as quickly as they used to. I'm starting to see through the eyes of the old people who stand around talking about their doctor visits and all the varieties of medication they're taking. If this isn't the start of a new stage of life then it's not far on the horizon.

We have a grandfather clock here in the dining room that I bought my wife for Christmas a few years ago. It has a crack in the door which has become more noticeable lately, and also the batteries started wearing down a year ago. It doesn't chime anymore, so I guess one of these days I'll change the battery and fix the door. You can do that to a clock and it will look good for a while longer... not new, but good. The face in the mirror isn't so easy to fix.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blue and Green Look the Same in the Fading Light

I watched part of the inauguration today. Since I was off I thought I might as well see what all the commotion was about. It was fitting that MLK day was yesterday and we have a black president being sworn in today. Maybe the scales of injustice will balance out just a bit more now, but it will take more than a black president to realize Dr. King's dream, this is just a step in that direction. If racial prejudice truly disappears from our world then the swearing in of a black president will be just another formality and the topic of skin color will hardly come up at all.
Given the current state of the union I hope today's historic event is not taking place in the twilight of the democratic way of life here in the U.S. I hope President Obama has the power and ambition to right the wrongs that have sapped the strength from our country. I hope that this really will be a time of change for the better, and that today's celebration is not just icing on a cake which is crumbling on the inside.... He has a lot of work to do. Good luck President Obama!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gotta Love Ohio in the Winter

Twenty below. Enough said.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Faint Whiff

I have a cold. It's about average on the severity chart as far as colds go, but all day yesterday and today I haven't been able to taste or smell anything. I can't remember when I ever totally lost those senses like this. I can differentiate between hot and cold, and can feel texture on my tongue, but beyond that I could chew on a habernero pepper or eat a dog turd and it would be the same. I did take advantage of my lack of smell and scoop the cat box, a task that usually has me running out to gasp a breath or two before wading back in to finish.... didn't smell a thing this time. I think I'm getting better though, because I just put some Vicks Vaporub on and I can faintly make out the smell. Good old Vicks. My mom use to plaster us kids in it when we got sick, putting a thick coat on our chest, throat, nose and in our shoes, I think. Guess mom knew best because I think I'm clearing up.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I hate computer problems.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

You Should See What It Looks Like From Out Here

Happy New Year!

Even though it's still new year's day it feels like the holiday season is over, and Christmas seems like it was here a lot longer than a week ago. All the weeks or months of preparation, all the hours of baking candy and cookies, the flood of Christmas songs and shows... all gone in a day. Maybe some people keep the Christmas spirit a little longer, but for me things get back to normal pretty quickly, and New Years is just another day to me. Although - so I don't sound like too much of a grinch- I will miss some of the Christmas shows that won't be on again until next year. I didn't seem to have much time to watch them this year, but I did get a chance to watch Ralphie as he tried to coax a Red Rider out of his parents and santa. That's one show I have to see every year, or it just isn't a good holiday season.